Katana is packed with features that help you run a smart workshop. 

One of Katana’s awesome features is the ability to keep track of your production scheduling.

Production planning

  • Drag-and-drop priorities for manufacturing jobs
  • Track the availability of required materials
  • Identify delay risks related to material supply lead times
  • Accurate expected completion dates
  • Get real-time production status overview info from the floor-level
Take control of your stock room with perpetual inventory methods of Katana smart workshop software.

Real-time inventory control and optimization

  • Inventory control of finished products and raw materials
  • Automated inventory transactions
  • Control in hand, committed and expected stock amounts in real-time
  • Maintain optimal inventory levels using reorder points
  • Make accurate manufacturing and purchasing decisions
  • Easily manage variants of products and materials
  • Manage inventory across multiple warehouses
Have total sales order fulfillment from start to finish in one place. From the moment you touch the fabric of the first material to the moment it opens at the customers hands.

Sales order fulfillment

  • Track the availability of required products
  • Drag-and-drop priorities of customer orders
  • Make to order or fulfill from available product stock
  • Identify delivery delay risks and reprioritize to meet deadlines
  • Sync sales orders from multiple channels into a single dashboard
This is how you get manufacturing floor-level control. By having a clear visual overview of the tasks and schedules of your workers.

Manufacturing floor-level control

  • Prioritized task list for every production employee and production line
  • Clear pick list and instructions for each work order
  • "Start – in progress – complete" statuses for work orders
Know exactly when to purchase materials with the red numbers on the screen.


  • On-time purchasing based on clear material requirements
  • Purchase missing raw materials from suppliers
  • Track delay risks in the supply chain
Make sure to lower your carrying costs with Katana’s easy to use interface.

Accurate costing

  • Track actual manufacturing costs based on product recipes (bill of materials) and production operations
  • Create multi-level product recipes with subassemblies
  • Make accurate pricing decisions based on actual product margins
Plenty of integrations on offer here. Shopify inventory management and Quickbooks accounting just to name a few.

Integrated with online services

  • Sync sales with e-commerce platforms
  • Push sales orders to accounting for invoicing
  • Keep purchasing in sync with accounting

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